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A nice chuck of acreage in Fayette County operated by Magnolia.  4 wells (laterals) currently producing.  Plenty of room for extra development.   The total NRA is 13.94.  The Skalitsky Unit is ~6.73 NRA and the West, M OL Unit is 7.21 NRA.  


Magnolia is currently drilling 3 wells to the southwest.  Magnolia is an active opertor in Fayette and Washington Counties.  


All Interests Conveyed


Decimal                                         Unit 


0.00135 (ORRI)                   Skalitsky OL           
0.00140 (ORRI)                 West, M OL Unit 

Magnolia - 13.94 NRA in Fayette County


    Operator  Magnolia 
    NRA  13.94
    Ask/NRA   $3443.33
    CF Multiple See Check Stub
    LOT # 1002

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