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Mineral Lending 

Our primary mission is to fill a crucial gap in the market by providing mineral loans to an underserved community. We understand that the mineral industry's financial landscape is complex, and traditional lending institutions often overlook its potential. That's why we offer specialized loans tailored to your monthly cash flow from mineral royalties. Whether you need capital for development, acquisition, or simply to leverage your mineral assets for other opportunities, our loan solutions are designed to meet your specific needs. Rates and amortization are determined by factors such as credit scores, current asset value, and anticipated future development, ensuring that our loans align with your financial objectives.


Lending Steps 

Ownership Verification 

We start by verifying mineral ownership, ensuring that you have clear and valid ownership rights over the mineral assets you intend to use as collateral. This step is crucial to maintain the integrity of the loan process.

In-Depth Analysis

Our team of experts then conducts a meticulous analysis to determine the loan amount we're willing to offer for your mineral assets. We take multiple factors into account, including your creditworthiness, the valuation of your mineral assets, and most importantly, your current royalty cash flow. This holistic approach ensures that our loans align with your financial needs and capabilities.

Presentation and Discussion

Following our analysis, we present our findings to you, including the proposed loan amount and interest rates. We believe in open and honest communication, and there is absolutely no obligation if you choose not to proceed with the loan. Your financial well-being is paramount, and we respect your decisions.

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