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A small but great property in Shelby County operated by Aethon.  The Battery Unit has 4 existing Hyanesville wells with two of the wells (3HB and 4HB) coming online on 8/23.  The  surveys show only part of the Trish Unit was included in the Battery Unit plat.  


The Pebbles and Mildred Units overlap the Battery and Trish Units. 


All Interests Being Conveyed


NRA        Decimal                             Unit 


0.90       0.000189475                  Trish Gas Unit            
0.33       0.000056315                  Battery Gas Unit            
0.45       0.000147000                  Mildred            
0.45       0.000241000                  Pebbles           

Aethon - 1.23 NRA in Shelby County


    Operator  Aethon
    NRA  1.23
    Ask/NRA  $5691.06
    CF Multiple See Check Stub 
    LOT # 1001

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