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The seller purchased these assets in a 1031 direct deeded portfolio and is now ready to sell.  The seller would like to start bidding at $75,000 OBO.  


38 wells total, including 6 DUCs scattered across Canadian, Kingfisher, Blaine, Major and Woodward County Oklahoma.  Operators include Devon, Corterra, Ovintiv, BCE-MACH and others.   


We believe the seller owns approxnmely 18.657 NRA.  Please review "Exhbit A" in the deal documents to verify ownership.  "Exhbit A" shows the original purcahses which the seller ownes



Basic engineering projections available upon request.  


Scoop/Stack - 38 wells w/ 6 DUCs


    Operator  Multiple 
    NRA  ~18.65
    Wells    38
    CF Multiple See Check Stub
    LOT # 1003


    The link above will take you to the Sync file sharing folder.  This folder contains all documents provided by the seller.   If you need any additional documentation, please reach out to  


    In the "Submit Your Offer" section below, you can submit your offer.  Please enter your Name, Lot # and offer amount.  Please add any detail you would like in the offer box.  If you rather email us an offer letter to present to the seller, you can email us at


Submit Your Offer 

Fill in the fields below to submit your offer.  Be sure to enter the Lot #.  The Lot# can be found above in the "Deal Details" information.

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